Research Projects

Our long-term goal is to better understand how the genes, genomes, and species around us change and respond to urbanization and climate change. In teams, student work to isolate and characterize the species around us and and their biological molecules (DNA, RNA, and protein). Students working in the Outdoor Ecology Lab can do research associated with the following projects:

  1. Insect Biodiversity and Habitat Restoration
  2. Pollinator Habitat Conservation
  3. Understanding Microbial Community Diversity with Metagenomics
  4. Investigating Mammal Habitat Use and Urbanization with Camera Trapping and Statistics
  5. Ecological monitoring with DNA Barcoding and Proteomics

Study sites for our work include the Wake Technical Community College North Campus and Durant Nature Preserve.

Conservation Opportunities

Once a semester, Wake Tech partners with the City of Raleigh Adopt a Stream Program to clean up the creek on North Campus, Perry Creek. By cleaning the stream, we ensure a clean habitat and water source for the plants and wildlife that make North Campus our home.

If you are interested in participating in the semesterly Adopt a Stream Clean up, please contact Dr. Fadri ([email protected]) for more details.