Frequently Asked Questions

Are classes offered just once a year?

Most classes are offered more than once a year. Some, such as classes in the baking degree program and many HRM classes, are only offered one semester per year. Please check with an instructor or your advisor for more information.

Can I double major in Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts and/or Baking?

Yes. Many classes overlap, making a double major in HRM and BPA or CUL a viable option. Please meet with your advisor to work out the best plan of action for you.

Can I take any BPA/CUL/HRM classes online?

Yes. Quite a few classes are offered online, and that number grows each semester. Purchasing, Hospitality Supervision, Sanitation and Safety, Menu Design, and Introduction to Hospitality, among others, are available online.

How can I get a reservation in Flavors, the student-run restaurant?

Flavors reservations are handled through a lottery system. Go to and log in. There you can preview the menus and find out what dates we are open. Each lottery will open two weeks prior to the date of service. Select the date you wish to dine with us and enter the number in your party. We will run the computer-generated lottery a week before that date and notify you by e-mail if you have been selected. You will be prompted to send an RSVP email to confirm your reservation.

How much will it cost to get a two-year degree?

We anticipate the total cost for tuition, books, uniforms, and knives to be under $9,000 for the CUL and BPA programs and under $6,000 for the HRM program. Financial aid is available to help defray those costs.

What are the job opportunities available in Hospitality Management?

A degree in Hospitality Management offers almost unlimited possibilities. The Triangle continues to grow rapidly, with the Raleigh Convention Center downtown and four-star hotels coming to the area. These venues need educated, qualified managers. Students interested in travel will find that hospitality is truly a global field. It is very important that students find the career that fits their style, and we try to help students with that fit. They learn about the wide variety of opportunities in HRM110 (Introduction to Hospitality).

Upon graduation, our Restaurant Management students are typically assistant managers of chain restaurants if they have worked as hourly associates. They move up quickly and typically. District manager positions are limited to those with a college degree from Wake Tech or another school.

Our Hotel Management students are typically assistant general managers of limited service properties of 150 rooms or less if they have worked as hourly associates. If the hotel is a full service hotel of 300 rooms or more, they are typically assistant managers of different departments, such as front desk, sales, or food and beverage, provided they have had some hourly work experience.

What are the prerequisites for the Culinary, Baking and HRM classes?

All three programs require students to meet admission criteria for placement 

Students who have been out of high school more than 10 years, may be required to take the RISE Placement Test to meet pre-requisites to coursework.

What do I need for the first day of class?

All students should come to class with the required textbook, a notebook, and a pen. The Basic Culinary Skills class (CUL 140) will not require a uniform or knives until the third week of classes; however, we recommend all students show up for the first day of class in full uniform . After this class is completed, all culinary students are required to be in uniform on the first day of class.

What if I can only attend school part-time?

Part-time is fine; classes may be taken one at a time. We also offer evening and online classes. You can receive a certificate or diploma in Hospitality Management, Culinary Arts, or Baking & Pastry Arts. You can also receive an associate’s degree in one of these three disciplines by adding daytime classes.

What is required for Co-Op?

To be eligible to participate in the Culinary Co-op program, a student must: 

  • Complete at least 14 credit hours of curriculum-related course work at Wake Tech
  • Have a GPA (grade point average) of 2.0 or higher
  • Obtain a faculty advisor recommendation in writing (signature on the Co-op application)
  • Demonstrate satisfactory personal appearance, attitude, and ability to work
  • Meet health requirements
  • Be legally authorized to work in the United States (and be prepared to produce a social security card, birth certificate, and/or driver’s license)

What is the difference between a Certificate, a Diploma, and a Degree?

  • The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree requires 68-72 semester credit hours (depending on the program) and takes two years (six semesters) to complete.
  • A diploma requires 40-43 semester credit hours and can be completed in four semesters.
  • A certificate requires 15-18 semester credit hours and can be completed within two semesters; it does not require general education (math, English) courses. 

What kinds of job opportunities and career options are available?

Our programs enjoy a very high placement rate. Wake Tech graduates manage or work at a number of local restaurants, including Poppyseed Market, Mez Contemporary Mexican Restaurant, and the Angus Barn, as well as at local country clubs, caterers, and bakeries. In addition, several are employed as personal chefs in the area. Wake Tech students have been placed at The Umstead Hotel, and Summit Hospitality, just to name a few. As Raleigh continues to grow, opportunities will increase. As you progress through the program, your advisors can help direct you toward the kind of work that most interests you.

Where can I buy tools, knives, and uniforms?

The Wake Tech Bookstore and a variety of local stores stock these items.

Who is my Advisor?

Students enrolled in the Culinary, Baking, and HRM programs work with a Student Services Advisor during their first semester at Wake Tech and are then assigned to a faculty advisor (an instructor in the program) for the duration of their program. Students may contact advisors at any time. Students can find out their advisor’s name by going to “My Profile” in  Web Advisor.