Landscaping Services

Wake Technical Community College continues to grow to meet increasing demand for its programs and services – and its buildings and grounds continue to expand. The college “landscape” includes all the visible features and physical elements of its land:  such as hills, bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, and ponds, indigenous vegetation, human elements, to also include different uses of the land for buildings and structures. Transitory elements such as lighting and weather conditions also form part of the landscape. 

Landscape Services works under the supervision of the Vice President of Facilities to ensure that Wake Tech properties are well maintained, environmentally sensitive, aesthetically pleasing, and conducive to college activities. Our mission is to serve the Wake Tech community by enhancing campus grounds while protecting and preserving the natural environment. 

Campus Acreage

  • Northern Wake Campus: 127.1 ac.
  • Southern Wake Campus: 142.7 ac.
  • Public Safety Education Campus: 13.6 ac. 
  • Perry Health Sciences Campus: 9.5
  • Eastern Wake Education Center: 3.5
  • RTP Campus: 93.9

TOTAL  390.25


Jeff Carter, Vice President of Facilities
[email protected] 

Stephen Hardin, Director of Facilities Services
[email protected] 

Requests/Work Orders 

To submit a request for our services, please use our web-based program Eagle Assist or access our office through the To make sure your request has been received, select the icon “Grounds.”  If you have questions or concerns, submit them to the following: 

Northern Wake Campus, Perry Health Sciences Campus, Beltline Center, Eastern Wake Education Center (Zebulon): Position Currently Vacant. 

Southern Wake Campus, Public Safety Education Campus, Western Wake Campus: Contact Steve Hardin at [email protected]