Wake Tech Research Colloquium Association (WTRC)

Message from the Association Sponsor: Senior Vice President, Bryan Ryan

The goal of the Wake Tech Research Colloquium Association is to contribute to meeting the college’s mission, vision, and goals by promoting faculty, staff, and student research to advance educational effectiveness, institutional effectiveness, and knowledge and understanding in the many disciplines we offer. Specifically, we hope to (1) develop the capacity for increasingly sophisticated research through engagement with peers in national reform initiatives; (2) invite talent from all areas of the college to participate in college-wide change projects, and (3) find an experienced collaborative partner that fills the gaps in institutional experience and challenges the college to reach stretch goals


The Wake Tech Research Colloquium Association (WTRC) will create an exceptional climate of support for the Wake Technical Community College faculty, staff, and student researchers enabling networking, growth, and advances in research.  


The Wake Tech Research Colloquium Association (WTRC) is a cross-disciplinary learning community open to all Wake Tech’s faculty, staff, and students interested in networking, training and research opportunities, and building capacity for research. WTRC members look to collaborate on academic research, research methodology, and undergraduate research experiences. 


In support of creating a culture of research, the Wake Tech Research Colloquium Association (WTRC) aims to:

  • Broaden awareness of Wake Tech’s strategic vision, mission, and values as it relates to research.
  • Expand the vision and scope of what research means.
  • Enhance support and resources for conducting research.
  • Encourage interdisciplinary research and networking among Wake Tech faculty, staff, and students.
  • Provide training, workshops, and events to enhance ability, knowledge, and skills in research methodology and practice.
  • Develop relationships and networks for research internal and external to Wake Tech.
  • Provide support and guidance in the dissemination of research.
  • Promote responsibility for ethical conduct in research and compliance.
  • Enhance the ability of faculty, staff, and students to apply for and obtain grants and other sources of funding.
  • Provide support for the development of infrastructure for research at Wake Tech.