Episode 24: Removing Barriers to STEM Employment and Equal Pay for Women in Wake County

Wake County is a hub for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) employment. Everyone should have an opportunity to pursue a career that is fit for their skill sets, but too often, STEM occupations are where the gender and wage gaps are the greatest.

Dr. Kasey Ashton and Dr. Saundra Williams explain how Wake Invests in Women is a collaboration among Wake County, Wake Tech and a cross-section of business and community leaders working to achieve pay equity for women working in STEM fields. Also hear how you can get involved to help increase the number of women, particularly Black and Latina women, in the pipeline for these higher-wage, higher-demand jobs.

Published on:Jan. 25, 2023

Episode Guests

Dr. Kasey Ashton, Wake Invests in Women director

Dr. Saundra Williams, Wake Invests in Women Steering Committee