Campus Police Mission and Safety

The men and women of the Wake Tech Campus Police Department are dedicated to providing excellent service through partnerships with students, staff and faculty that build trust, reduce crime, create a safe environment and enhance the quality of life on our campus.

Core values

  • Integrity: The department firmly adheres to the values set forth in the Campus Police Officers’ Code of Ethics. Every member is expected to uphold the highest ethical standards at all the times.
  • Respect: All members of the community and the department are treated with courtesy, fairness and dignity.
  • Professionalism: Members continuously develop their knowledge, skills and abilities as much as possible to provide the best service. The approach is based on a commitment to excellence, innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Accountability: Having an opportunity to serve, department members pledge that their conduct will always merit the trust of the community. They accept full responsibility for their actions and will take appropriate measures to meet community and professional expectations.
  • Service: The department strives to show commitment to service by placing the needs of others first. Members are committed to enhancing campus safety and increasing the community's sense of security and will work in partnership with the community to identify and solve problems that affect the quality of life on campus.
  • Mentoring: Both individual and team contributions are essential to a high-performing division. By sharing insight and guidance and creating learning opportunities for all members, the department acknowledges that each person makes a valuable contribution to the shared purpose and vision.

Campus safety

Wake Tech encourages an open and welcoming environment that also ensures the safety of all.

Campus buildings are generally open during business hours; classrooms and laboratories are locked and may be opened only with an instructor present.

After hours, faculty and staff may access buildings by contacting a department administrator, Events Planning or Campus Police. Visitors must have Campus Police approval to access buildings after hours. Campus lighting, equipment and landscaping are maintained with safety in mind. Employees and visitors should report faulty locks, unsafe steps or handrails, unsafe roadways, unsecured equipment or any other safety hazard to the Communications Center by calling 919-866-5911.

Employees can also report a concern via the Eagle Assist request system.