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Name Title/Department Campus Bldg-Room Office Tel
Ibrahim, Tamer
[email protected]
Instructor 9M Networking Technology
Networking Technology
RTP RT1 - 326K 919-335-1250
Ihnatolya, Charlotte
[email protected]
Associate Professor/Program Director, Civil Engineer.Tech
Dsgn & Const: Civil Engr Tech
401S SF - 227 919-866-5334
Ingram, Laura W
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M English
401S SB - 362 919-866-5057
Irwin, Bethany Diane
[email protected]
Technical Assistant
Customized Training
WEST MILL - 220 919-335-1016
Irwin, Christopher T.
[email protected]
Instructor/Program Director, Electronics Engineering Tech
Electronics Engineering Techno
401S SF - 225 919-866-5356
Isenhour, Leslie A
[email protected]
Dean, Biotechnologies and NC Bionetwork Capstone Center
Bionetwork Capstone Center
RTP RT2 - 340R 919-866-6898
Isley, Samuel Wendell
[email protected]
Advisor (Temp. PT)
Academic Advising
401S SL - 121-11 919-866-5459
Ivanitch-Gause, Vicki
[email protected]
Human Resources Assistant
Employee Relation&Talent Mgmt
401S SM - 214-9 919-866-5914
Ivey, Kaye Poole
[email protected]
Campus Information Assistant
Admissions & Campus Info Svcs
401S SA - 166 919-866-5453
Iwinski, Lorrie
[email protected]
Administrative Assistant
Community & Career Education
401N NB - 460 919-532-5650