Wake Tech to University Equivalent Coursework

The crosswalks include every engineering public university in North Carolina along with the specific engineering majors each offer. These crosswalks show the courses the student will take at Wake Tech on a white background, with the courses that will be taken at the university shaded. The transfer GPA is in the right-hand corner under the University Engineering banner.

Your transfer GPA will be calculated by the university, as follows:

  1. All course grades (original grade and any re-take grades) will be used to decide your Wake Tech GPA.
  2. GPAs from previously-attended colleges and universities will be averaged upon admission to the university,   no matter how long ago you took those courses.
  3. This average of all GPAs will be your transfer GPA at the university.

Crosswalks by University

Campbell University  Campbell University Logo
East Carolina University East Carolina logo
NC A&T NC A&T Logo
North Carolina State University NC State Engineering logo
UNC Asheville 
  • Mechatronics—combination of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
UNC Asheville logo
UNC Charlotte   UNC Charlotte logo
Western Carolina  Western Carolina logo